What causes enlarged pores

What causes enlarged pores?

Pores are a necessary part of our skin, but what exactly causes enlarged pores? Increased pore size can be attributed to various different factors.
Due to increased sebum production, people with oilier skin often tend to have larger pores that those with dry skin.
Pores are genetic, too. If your parents have enlarged pores, you may too.
Enlarged pores are also related to skin ageing, both chronological and premature, caused by frequent sun exposure without wearing sunscreen. Ageing lead to loss of firmness and elasticity, making pores more noticeable.

Exfoliate to minimise pores
Dead skin cells may clog your pores. Exfoliate at least twice a week with the MÁDARA Creamy Peel AHA Clay Mask that combines the benefits of both mechanical and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, purify and minimise pores.