How long do you keep a face mask on?
  1. How long do you keep a face mask on?

    We love a good face mask — in fact, they're the ultimate skincare treat with an instant feel-good factor and visible benefits.

    Still, no matter how good they feel, you should only keep a face mask on your face for the time noted in the directions. Different types of masks will have different recommended usage times, so always follow the instructions on the packaging.

    Timing matters, because leaving a face mask on for too long can actually do more harm than good. For example, clay masks which work by drawing out impurities can dry out your skin, but exfoliating masks with potent acids can potentially cause irritation.

    On the other hand, not leaving a mask on long enough can also mean that you're not reaping its full benefits. So, it's important to find that sweet spot in the middle by sticking to packaging instructions.

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