How to apply multi-colour eyeshadow?
  1. How to apply multi-colour eyeshadow?

    If you’re seeking a little adventure when it comes to your eye makeup, nothing beats some multi-colour action. Here’s how to apply multi-colour eyeshadow and bring some oomph to your makeup game.

    To start your multi-colour eyeshadow look, pick the colours first. We suggest choosing two or three colours that complement each other well yet provide a nice contrast. But of course, the choice is yours — makeup is your creative playground.

    When it comes to application, start with your lightest shade and work your way up to the darkest. First, take your lightest colour and apply it all over your eyelid as your base, blending upwards toward your brow bone.

    Now, you want to add depth and dimension. Use a darker shade in the crease of your eye and diffuse it outwards. Carry on layering your colours if you want to create a bolder gradient effect.

    Finally, the most important step — blending. Use a clean fluffy brush and take your time when blending the colours together to create a seamless transition and avoid any harsh lines.

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