How to boost skin immunity?
  1. How to boost skin immunity?

    Your skin is the first line of defence against potentially harmful external factors like pollution, microbes and bacteria — think of it as your personal shield. To help boost your skin’s defence mechanisms and effectively fend off damage, give probiotic skincare a try.

    Probiotics are beneficial for the skin’s protective barrier which shields you from daily environmental stressors. They help sustain a balanced skin microbiome, thus enhancing skin resilience.

Probiotic support for the skin

Strengthen your skin with MÁDARA Infinity Mist Probiotic Essence, designed to enhance hydration, comfort and protection. The natural certified mist is formulated with a probiotic lactobacillus strain that helps normalise the skin’s microbiome and protect its moisture barrier for a comforted, balanced and more radiant complexion.