How to use conditioner?
  1. How to use conditioner?

    Hair conditioner is the holy grail of any hair care routine — in fact, every single hair type can benefit from using it. To help you embrace good hair days, we’ve got a few tips on how to use conditioner correctly.

    Conditioner should always be used after shampooing your locks, since shampooing can strip your hair of its oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Hair conditioner works to replenish those oils, whilst smoothing and detangling the tresses, which, therefore, helps reduce breakage and split ends.

    After washing your hair, apply a dollop of conditioner to your hair, focusing on the ends and mid-lengths, which are typically most damaged, but avoiding the scalp and roots.

    Comb the conditioner through to evenly coat every strand of hair, then leave it on for a few minutes to allow the product to penetrate the hair shaft. If you have particularly dry or damaged hair, you may want to leave the conditioner on for longer. The exact wait time will depend on the product you’re using, so always double check the instructions on the label.

    Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water until it feels clean and fresh.

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