How to use hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums together
  1. How to use hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums together?

    Both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are skincare powerhouses individually but when you pair them together, they become a superstar couple. Ahead, learn how to use them together from maximum benefits.

    Naturally found in our skin, hyaluronic acid is a potent hydrator that helps replenish moisture and plump skin with hydration, whereas vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works to improve skin texture and tone, restoring lost radiance and diminishing dullness.

    While they seem different, there’s one thing these powerhouses have in common. Both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C help encourage your skin’s natural collagen production and boost firmness, giving you a suppler appearance.

    Now, what goes first — vitamin C or hyaluronic acid? That’ll depend on the product you’re using. Generally speaking, you should apply your skincare from the thinnest formula to the thickest. This means that a hyaluronic acid serum should come before a vitamin C moisturiser, but a richly textured face cream with hyaluronic would be applied after a vitamin C serum. Make sure to let each product absorb for a few minutes between applications, so it can work its magic.

    While you can use both ingredients any time you please, we prefer to stick to vitamin C in the daytime for its superb antioxidant protection against environmental elements. Just remember to follow with a sunscreen afterwards. When it comes to hyaluronic acid, it’ll work great both in your morning and evening routines.

A superstar duo of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C

Perfect for skin that’s craving moisture, the bestselling Time Miracle Hydra Firm Hyaluron Concentrate Jelly combines multi-molecular hyaluronic acid with rejuvenating birch water to flood skin with intense hydration, helping to smooth the look of fine lines and granting a radiant, supple appearance.

For your daily dose of vitamin C, the Vitamin C Intense Glow Concentrate brightens dull skin while boosting firmness to make way for an even tone and texture. It’s based on a cocktail of ferulic acid, vitamins C and E that deliver a strong antioxidant effect for unmatched vitality, radiance and environmental defence.