What are the best skincare products for sensitive skin

  1. What are the best skincare products for sensitive skin?

    If you have sensitive skin, your approach to skincare should involve thoughtful selection for products and careful ingredient research. To ensure your sensitive skin remains irritation free, curate a gentle skincare routine with mild, skin-soothing ingredients and sensitive skin-approved formulas.
    Check the ingredient list for common allergens and potentially irritating ingredients such as acids, alcohol and perfume. If your product contains these ingredients, be sure to use caution.

Looking for sensitive skin-approved skincare and hair care?

Delicate enough for the most sensitive skin, MÁDARA KIND skincare and hair care range has been carefully formulated to avoid common irritants and be fragrance allergen free. Enriched with calming and nourishing plant extracts to help soothe your sensitivities, each formula is dermatologically tested and sensitive skin-approved to deliver gentle care that won’t strip your skin’s natural moisture and protective barrier.