What is mascara made of?
  1. What is mascara made of?

    Mascara formulas can be very diverse — no wonder why finding the mascara of your dreams is so hard! Here, we give the lowdown on the most common ingredients found in different types of mascaras.

    Water-based natural certified mascaras are made up of a combination of water, fatty acids, emollients, pigments, film forming agents, waxes, as well as volumizing fibres.

    Thankfully, the ingredients used in natural certified mascara are of natural origin, from natural emollients and pure mineral pigments to natural film forming agents, vegan waxes and more. Because your lashes deserve only the best.

    Water-based conventional mascaras are composed of water, fatty acids, emollients, pigments, film forming agents, waxes, volumizing fibres and silicone.

    Meanwhile, non-water conventional mascara formulations might contain silicones, glycols, waxes, emollients, pigments, emulsifiers, film-forming and volumizing agents.

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