What is the best skincare routine for sensitive skin?
  1. What is the best skincare routine for sensitive skin?

    No matter your skin type, every routine consists of the same main steps — cleanse, tone, target, moisturise, SPF and treat your skin to a mask once or twice a week. However, all the difference lies in formulations.
    Sensitive skin types should go for gentle cleansers without harsh surfactants that might strip the skin’s moisture barrier. Prioritise soothing hydration, choosing serums and moisturisers that have been enriched with calming ingredients such as rose water, extracts of peony root, calendula, chamomile and linden flower.

    Your skin will also benefit from skincare products containing antioxidants, probiotics, hydrating agents and lipids which reinforce and protect the skin barrier. When it comes to sunscreen, choose a formula with mineral filters instead of chemical — chemical filters are more likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions than mineral ones.

    Sensitive skin types should pay extra attention to ingredient labels since harsh preservatives and cleansing agents, alcohol and synthetic fragrances can cause skin reactions. When it comes to exfoliation, sensitive skin types should avoid physical exfoliants or highly concentrated chemical exfoliants which can be too harsh. Instead, opt for a gentler alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) exfoliant such as lactic acid or polyhydroxy acid (PHA) once a week.

Need inspiration for a thoughtful sensitive skin routine?

Formulated with gentle cleansing agents, MÁDARA Cleansing Oil nourishes the skin as it cleanses, while Comforting Toner ensures extra hydrating and soothing benefits.
To restore moisture, reinforce the skin barrier and bring calm to stressed complexions, try the scientifically proven SOS Hydra Repair Intensive Serum and SOS Hydra Recharge Cream.
The last step in your morning skincare routine should be sunscreen. Shield your skin with Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Face Sunscreen SPF30, a mineral-based, skin-loving formula that ensures broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.