What is the best skincare?
  1. What is the best skincare?

    Whether you’re the type to have a carefully curated 10-step routine, or follow the simple formula of cleanser, moisturiser and SPF (aka the negotiables), the best skincare is one that works for you.

    That’s because skincare is personal — you’ve got to build your routine around your skin and its unique needs.

    The goal of any skincare regimen is to support your skin so that it’s functioning at its best, as well as target and treat any specific concerns. From reducing fine lines to battling stubborn acne and eliminating dark spots, everyone has different skin goals they wish to achieve, so finetune your regimen to make sure it targets your unique concerns.

    The best skincare is also one you’ll stick to. As much as we love instant gratification, results take time. You won’t see a change overnight, but be consistent with your routine and you’ll likely start seeing a difference within 6 to 12 weeks.

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