Which is better — tinted or untinted sunscreen?
  1. Which is better — tinted or untinted sunscreen?

    Offering both protection and coverage, tinted sunscreens adjust better to your skin tone. This is important when it comes to mineral sunscreens, as formulas with mineral UV filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide tend to leave white cast on the skin. Tinted options incorporate pigments to avoid that, evening out your skin tone in the meantime.

    But ultimately the best sunscreen is one you’ll wear every day, as both tinted and untinted SPFs are effective at doing their jobs of protecting your skin against the harmful sun rays.

A tinted sunscreen you’ll love

Streamline your a.m. beauty routine with the natural certified, mineral-based Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Face Sunscreen SPF30 which features a subtle tint to unify skin tone and impart a dewy glow. Packed to the brim with plant stem cell antioxidants, not only does it ensure broad spectrum UVA/UVB defence, but also works overtime to protect your skin from urban pollution while you’re out and about.