Which skincare brand is the best?
  1. Which skincare brand is the best?

    Everyone has a different idea of what they believe a good skincare brand should be, but we think it should be based around three pillars — natural ingredients, functional formulas and a commitment to sustainability.

    To help you navigate the skincare market that tends to treat ‘’organic’’, ‘’natural’’ and ‘’non-toxic’’ as buzzwords, natural & organic certifications are a good guide. But what does that mean? Put simply, natural & organic formulas adhere to a strict set of guidelines that guarantee product safety and efficacy. You won’t find any potentially harmful ingredients here — just good-for-you ingredients from the nature, high in skin-nourishing nutrients and antioxidants.

    In a natural certified formula, at least 95% of total ingredients have to be natural. Whereas an organic certified formulation means that at least 95% of its total ingredients are natural, with at least 10% coming from organic farming. Plus, 95% of all plant-based ingredients must be organic, too.

    Alongside a commitment to being natural and cruelty-free, formulation efficacy also matters. We believe in skincare that fuses nature with scientific research, harnessing the potent power of nature’s raw ingredients to create formulations that deliver dermatologically proven results.

MÁDARA Organic Skincare

With unique, scientifically proven Northern ingredients at heart, MÁDARA creates high-performance skincare that is natural & organic certified by ECOCERT/Cosmos, developed in collaboration with leading scientists and dermatologists to visibly transform your skin.