How does deodorant work?
  1. How does deodorant work?

    Deodorant is a daily essential for many of us, but how exactly does it keep us fresh and odour-free all day long?

    To give you a bit of background, sweat itself isn't actually what causes body odour — it’s the bacteria on our skin that break down the sweat and creates the unpleasant smell. So, the goal of deodorants is to inhibit the bacteria, thus eliminating odour.

    Most deodorants work to minimise bacterial activity, while some help neutralise the pH of the skin to make it less hospitable to the odour-causing bacteria. They also often contain fragrances to mask any remaining smell.

    However, there’s also a type of deodorants called antiperspirants, which inhibit a normal bodily function aka sweating. They use aluminium-based compounds that temporarily block the sweat ducts, thus reducing sweat production altogether.

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