Why is aluminum in deodorant bad?
  1. Why is aluminum in deodorant bad?

    When shopping for odour-controlling underarm products, you might have noticed an abundance of deodorants proudly showcasing aluminium-free labels. Surrounded by myths and controversies, aluminium has become somewhat of an anti-buzzword in recent years. But what’s the big deal about aluminium in deodorant? Is it really necessary to avoid it?

    When talking about aluminium in deodorants, we’re actually referring to a type of deodorants called antiperspirants. While traditional deodorants don’t contain aluminium and are solely designed to minimise odour, antiperspirants use aluminium-based compounds to reduce sweat production aka stop you from sweating as much. When applied to the skin, they work to block sweat glands, thus preventing sweat from reaching the skin’s surface.

    While aluminium has been used in antiperspirants for decades, it has recently come under scrutiny due to concerns that it may be linked to health issues, especially breast cancer. However, scientific studies on this matter have been inconclusive, and there’s no concrete evidence establishing a link between using antiperspirants and developing breast cancer.

    In the EU, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety considers that aluminium compounds are safe when used in cosmetic products up to certain concentration limits.

    If you’re concerned about aluminium in your deodorant despite inconclusive scientific evidence, there are plenty of aluminium-free alternatives available that are just as effective at keeping you smelling fresh. Instead of aluminium, these deodorants are powered by natural odour-fighting ingredients like plant extracts and oils that help inhibit bacterial activity and mask unpleasant odours.

Aluminium-free underarm protection

Formulated without aluminium and artificial fragrance, the MÁDARA Pure Power Deodorant uses innovative smart-action molecules and plant extracts to keep body odour under control.

The natural certified, cruelty-free formula of this underarm odour fighter is laced with calendula, camomile, mint and sage extracts that ensure a soothing effect while delivering a wonderfully refreshing scent in the process.