What is deodorant?
  1. What is deodorant?

    When it comes to getting ready to face the day, deodorant is a staple in most routines. After all, it’s the ultimate weapon in the fight against unpleasant body odour. But what exactly is deodorant?

    Deodorant is a body care product designed to help minimise and mask armpit odour caused by perspiration. Deodorants come in many shapes and forms, from sticks and roll-ons to sprays, which are applied directly to the skin in the underarm area.

    At its core, deodorant contains a mixture of ingredients to help control and mask body odour, keeping you smelling fresh. Some formulas may also feature ingredients that work to absorb excess moisture caused by sweating to ensure your pits stay dry.

    But not all deodorants are created equal. Some are antiperspirants, meaning they are designed to reduce sweat production by blocking sweat glands, instead of simply masking the smell. While antiperspirants are effective at controlling odour, it’s important to mention that they might not always be the best choice for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation.

    Natural deodorants provide a nice alternative to antiperspirants and are safer for sensitive skin types. They call upon natural odour-fighting ingredients, as well as plant extracts and oils, to protect against unwanted odour and leave you feeling fresh.

Natural underarm protection

A natural certified, safe and effective approach to odour protection with zero aluminium, the MÁDARA Pure Power Deodorant is made to keep odour at bay and your skin conditioned.

It features plant extracts and innovative smart-action molecules to stop the smell without interfering with your body’s natural functions, letting it do what it is meant to do.