How to apply eye cream correctly?
  1. How to apply eye cream correctly?

    Since the skin around our eyes is the thinnest of the entire body and thus very delicate, it’s important to know how to apply eye cream properly.

    Start by taking a pea-sized amount of your eye cream of choice, and dot it in a semi-circle under your eyes. Because the undereye skin is so fragile, you need to be gentle — we recommend using your ring finger or pinkie, which are the lightest to touch. Then, gently pat the cream into the skin, moving from your inner corner toward your temples.

    Avoid rubbing it in, as you don’t want irritate the fragile eye area. Before applying the rest of your products, let the cream sink in to properly absorb all the goodness.

Find an eye cream for your needs

Browse a selection of MÁDARA eye creams, each boosted by natural skincare actives to feed your undereye skin with nutrients and antioxidants.

Give your eye area an energising boost with the Smart Anti-Fatigue Eye Rescue Cream that deeply hydrates, illuminates and erases signs of fatigue such as dark circles with caffeine and plant antioxidants for a dewy, revived look.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your eye area on all fronts, try the Time Miracle Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream. The intense, age-defying formula targets fine lines and wrinkles while depuffing and firming the skin for a fresh, youthfully radiant appearance.

But if a hydrating all-rounder is what you’re after, Deep Moisture Eye Contour Cream with avocado oil and extracts of cucumber, parsley and mint will be the perfect choice. It delivers lasting moisture and illuminates the eye area, leaving your skin looking refreshed, rested and radiant.