What does collagen do for your face?
  1. What does collagen do for your face?

    Collagen is a protein that makes up to 80% of skin volume, playing a very important role when it comes to your skin’s suppleness, firmness and elasticity.

    Your body naturally makes collagen but, as we age, collagen production slows down and our collagen levels decrease — skin tends to lose that youthfully plump look, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear.

    Thankfully, there are collagen-boosting skincare ingredients such as peptides, vitamin C, retinoids and hyaluronic acid that, when topically applied, help stimulate the natural collagen synthesis to keep skin firm and elastic.

Collagen-boosting skincare

Natural and organic certified, the MÁDARA Derma Collagen range contains biotechnologically derived natural peptides which work to build the lost collagen back up, helping to firm skin, restore its plumpness and smooth out lines.