What does a hair mask do?
  1. What does a hair mask do?

    Hair masks are the superheroes of the haircare world, helping to restore and rejuvenate even the most damaged of locks. But what exactly do they do?

    Essentially, hair masks are supercharged treatments that are designed to deeply condition and nourish your hair. While regular conditioners focus on the surface of the hair, hair masks usually feature a thicker and more concentrated formula that penetrates deeper into the hair shaft.

    They also contain a higher concentration of ingredients such as proteins, oils and vitamins, which help replenish moisture, rejuvenate and strengthen your hair, leaving it soft and silky as a result. This is especially important if you have dry, damaged or coloured hair, as these hair types tend to be more prone to breakage and split ends.

    Incorporating a hair mask into your haircare routine can be an excellent way to help prevent hair damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments and environmental stressors. By providing the nutrients and vitamins your hair needs, a hair mask can help repair damage and promote healthier hair.

    Beyond deeply moisturising and repairing your locks, hair masks also work to give softness and shine, while helping with detangling to make your tresses easier to style.

    So, anytime your hair is feeling a little dry, brittle or lacklustre, consider reaching for a mask to give your tresses the extra love and attention they deserve.

Deep condition for your tresses

If your hair needs some serious rejuvenation and repair, the MÁDARA Feed Repair & Dry Rescue Hair Mask can help. The natural certified formula acts like a pick-me-up for dull and damaged locks, making them shinier, silkier and more manageable.

It contains a blend of avocado, almond and coconut oils, as well as keratin and growth-supporting chanterelle extract, to deeply condition and grant lasting nourishment, in turn leaving your hair better protected from future damage.