When to apply a hair mask?
  1. When to apply a hair mask?

    A must-have for anyone dreaming of more manageable, soft and shiny strands, hair masks can truly do wonders for your hair. Essentially, masks are intensive treatments that feed your locks with nutrients and vitamins to address a range of hair concerns, from boosting moisture and taming frizz to repairing damage. But when exactly should you use one?

    Well, the frequency depends on your hair type and condition. We recommend reaching for a hair mask anytime your strands have become visibly dry, lacklustre or frizzy. Another reason to use a hair mask is if you’re dealing with damage caused by harsh styling, chemical processing or even daily wear and tear.

    Generally speaking, those with particularly dry or damaged hair will benefit from applying a hair mask once or twice a week. But if your hair is relatively healthy, using a hair mask every two weeks or once a month should be enough to keep it full of shine and softness.

    Curly hair types can use hair masks more frequently to enhance curl definition and reduce unwanted frizz, whereas those with fine hair should be careful not to go overboard with hair masks, as using them too often can weight your hair down.

Give your locks a boost

Designed as a deep treatment for parched, dull and damaged strands, the MÁDARA Feed Repair & Dry Rescue Hair Mask works to restore hydration, add shine and improve hair strength, in turn helping to prevent further damage.
Packed with a nourishing blend of coconut, avocado and almond oils to intensely hydrate, hydrolysed keratin to help repair damage and chanterelle extract to promote hair growth, it’ll leave your hair looking and feeling healthy.