What does night cream do?
  1. What does night cream do?

    As the name suggests, night creams are specifically made to take care of your skin during nighttime.

    At night, your skin works overtime to repair the damage that occurs during the day. A good night cream will lend a helping hand, aiding the skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.

    Compared to daytime moisturisers, night creams address different concerns and boast a richer texture, replenishing moisture and providing deep nourishment so you can wake up to glowy and hydrated skin.

The ultimate nighttime support for your skin

Made for intense skin rejuvenation, the Time Miracle Total Renewal Night Cream works hard while you snooze to leave you with visibly smoother, fresh and radiant skin in the morning.

Laced with northern birch water, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid and 7 northern plant extracts, this potent age-defying formula delivers ultra-hydration and vitality to the skin to target signs of aging.