How to apply night cream?
  1. How to apply night cream?

    Night creams get to work while you sleep, aiding your skin’s natural regeneration processes to restore the day’s damage. But are you applying your night cream correctly to fully reap its benefits?

    Night cream should be the final step of your p.m. routine. First, remove every trace of your makeup and dirt with a thorough cleanse, then follow with the toners and serums of your choice. Finally, take an appropriate amount of night cream and gently massage it into your face. Make sure to apply some cream to the neck area — your neck deserves a little TLC, too.

    It's worth mentioning that experts recommend slathering on your night cream a good hour or two before actually heading to bed. This way the cream can fully work its magic without ending up all over your pillowcase.

The nourishment you need for nighttime

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