What happens if I use night cream during the day?
  1. What happens if I use night cream during the day?

    There’s a reason why night creams are meant for nighttime use. While nothing bad will happen if you accidently reach for your night cream in the morning, your skin will feel greasier and lack the protection it needs against external aggressors. That’s because your skin has different needs depending on the time of day.

    By day, your skin needs shielding against the damaging effects of UV rays and urban pollution alongside essential hydration. That’s why daytime moisturisers are typically laced with powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and SPF filters. They also tend to be more lightweight.

    Whereas night creams will really get to work at nighttime, as that’s when our skin naturally enters repair mode. Nighttime formulas have been specifically designed to give skin the boost it needs to restore and regenerate. They’re often infused with potent actives that target wrinkles and other signs of aging like peptides, retinol and acids.

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