What is a collagen booster?
What is a collagen booster?
  1. What is a collagen booster?

    Collagen booster is a skincare product that has been specifically formulated to include high levels of active ingredients to help restore the skin’s collagen reserves by either accelerating collagen synthesis or helping slow down collagen degradation that happens as we age. There are various actives that help boost collagen levels in the skin — from peptides and vitamin C to hyaluronic acid, retinol and more.

Collagen boosters to transform your skin

For a shot of deep hydration, plus the added benefit of collagen support, try MÁDARA Boost Hyaluronic Collagen Booster. It works to restore the moisture balance and supports the synthesis of skin-essential proteins, promoting a firmer, smoother complexion.

But for the ultimate collagen support, MÁDARA Derma Collagen range with natural peptides will be your go-tos. This advanced line-up helps stimulate collagen synthesis and recharges the skin with essential proteins for improved elasticity and firmness.