What is the best face moisturiser for dry skin?
What is the best face moisturiser for dry skin?
  1. What is the best face moisturiser for dry skin?

    To bring dry, parched and dehydrated complexions back to their comfort zone, deep hydration is crucial. That’s where a good moisturiser comes in.

    The best moisturisers for dry skin are those that contain tried-and-true moisturising ingredients such as multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, betaine, sodium PCA and hydrating sugars which help replenish skin moisture reservoirs.

    Nourishing fatty ingredients like plant butters (for example, shea butter) and natural oils (sea buckthorn, argan and almond kernel oils, just to name a few) are also a must — they will help rebuild and bolster the skin’s barrier, as well as shield from the negative effects of wind and cold temperatures by forming a protective layer on the skin.

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